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I have a lot of unfinished manga, and few of real work. I have also so many little comis, strips, yonkoma, I will add it here. Most of them are free, maybe a donation would be nice, and available in english and some in french.

Japanese reading version


5 Beauty Kingdom

5 Beauty Kingdom

This one was made for another contest, the Tezuka x Jump 100th contest ! There were so awesome judges that I cannot pass throughout. But like always, I didn't have time to make what I want to do. So I hope

you will enjoy this version, next year there will be another version.

Only available in english

The 5 Beauty Kingdom was formed in a sordid bar, originally by Takami and Fufu, when they were "saved" by Nomura and R. Motsue just joined after a few minutes, when he saw the girls in distress.
After a big mess, Nomura want to lead them a place where games and lust are allowed : Akarui no Michi.
He seems to know a lot about this world but, will they be lucky ? Or maybe caught by the police or the yakuzas ?
But behind this meeting together there is a secret. Someone knows more than he should....

Cover Utsunomiya.jpg


This manga was made for the International Jump x Medibang contest, it was my real first finished manga. I made it in 2weeks because I am a lazy person, and I decided it in the last minutes...! The chapter is free, don't hesitate to cheer me !

Only available in english

Hayashikawa Hayato and Nakano Ryuuji were ordered to take back Utsunomiya Kiyoshi to the base, an ex-compatriot. After his betrayal, he left behind him a mess but no one know the reason of this act. Hayato is really motivated to get him back, whatever the reason. But Who is really Utsunomiya, and was did he plan all this mess ?
One shot manga.

Random comics

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