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What about me ?


I don't like to talk about myself, let's do short :

I am an asian living in the south of France, I love art and I can't imagine my life without.

I got my degree at Art in the University of Aix but was formed after as a bartender. I work in the world of spirits and mixology, but didn't give up on being a mangaka.

I am now working as a designer for a part-time job and work as a "mangaka" when I can.

Time have passed, so I am from the generation who grew up with manga and video games !

Let me show you what I am able to !

For french speakers, I am giving art class at home around Aubagne, Marseille, La Ciotat etc... !

Find me on these profiles ! Portofolios, blog, social medias and art galleries !...

Hayden chibi
Andy chibi
Nomupion chibi
rest in hell.png
madness orange.png
tiktok logo.png
YT carré.png
AS Medibang.png
Art majeur_edited.png

If you have something to tell me, don't hesitate to write a message. If you want a commission, you can tell me here !

Thank you for your comment !

For further projects, some donation would be appreciate, don't give a lot, I will, later, make a tippee like this I can give present and lot more. For the moment, donation is just to let me buy some stuff.
Whatever, thank you for this, little Junkie !

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