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[ The art of Macabre ]

[The Art of Macabre] is an essai lecture, a page dedicated to some stories, thoughts, drafts or feelings from a character, an expression from a scene or anything that you can't express easily, What you'll read here is clearly absurd or poetical.

The haunted and tricky road by Casualblues Yuen

Living in a sinister way of life.

At each step, monsters and ghosts revealed their ugliest side to stare at you walking with confident, looking straight in front of you to reach the goal you fixed before. The more you progress in your route, the more the way darkens. The eyes of every monster are on you. You are not scared. You are too cool for that.

And these creatures are looking at you because... you are one of them.

Silent places, and secret thoughts

I heard there was a secret place, where silence takes place. The world is adorned with magnificent parts of land that leave no room for a single word.


I love how the scenery of a great plain tells you that you have no power in here, you will be smashed down if you try to take over it.

But in here, you can reveal your secret and no one can hear it. Nature can bear every single of your inhumanity. More than any friend you have.

But you are destroying it.

You are killing your only partner for life.

No one can cheer you more than Mother Nature. It wanted to support you because you were falling. It respects all your decisions. If you wanted to rest a little, you could rest on its wild grass, if you want to exercice a little, it allows you to climb its huge mountains or swim on the deepest waters and explore a new blue world. If you wanted to die, it let you fall from its highest cliff.

You have one thing to respect : Let it live.

A bloody March

He walks, he doesn't even stare at the blood at his feet, when the hands on the earth are trying to catch him. He walks slowly and crushes human body parts on his way. Sometimes, he takes a look at the floor, and sees eyeballs, looking at him in return, as they are begging his mercy.


He doesn't care, he smashed it and move forward.


When the bloody lines disappeared from his way, he turned around and noticed the disaster : He killed everybody, there were a lot of shredded bodies down here and a large puddle of blood. He was excited by this scene.

Bloody march by Casualblues Yuen

I'm a bad guy

"I have a problem. When I look at you, I feel like I want to hurt you. I want to make you bleed. You don't know how to suffer. I mean, to writhe in pain. It would be delighten to see you falling on the floor, with the distress and pain you deserved. You don't know the feeling of torment and soreness. All what you felt was just emotions. You told that you have passed a lot of difficulties, but you didn't balance all the good things that happened to you from the worst thing you lived.


I smiled at you.


You are so pitiful that I want to beat you. But I won't. Because I am satisfied with this scene. You will die, because no one will help you.

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