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Metal band and magazine !

Hey little junkies ! My manga has finally been published ! Actually, yonkoma ;) !

I work with a Metal band, not any Metal Band, Cernunnos, you can find their work at the end of the article.

Cernunnos is a special band for me. The two leaders, are my friends, Sylvain, singer and drummer, was my music teacher. I've learnt a lot with him !

And kami is one of my dearest friends, a great musician that used to work with me in a manga ! She was also the one who let me travel to Japan, and now I work for her band !

I'm proud and maybe that is the beginning of my career, I have a lot of work to do !

Find their work on Bandcamp and Facebook/Instragram !

And also, if you love metal, check the Magazine Metal II Mars, and you can discover a lot of Marseille and around metal band !

This is the magazine from september :

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