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Aaah, a manga ?

Recently, I entered in the international Tezuka x Jump comtest and it was 100 years old. I tried it to have a chance, although it was tiny, but it made me do this!

"This is the story of the meeting of 5 people coming from different environment, Takami and Fufu, two rather normal high school girls, Motsue, a former gangmate of Fufu, Nomura, a ... guy with an eccentric look and R a mafia-like man.

All 5 will experience the field of "gambling". But this meeting is not that hazardous... it seems that one of them knows something that he should not..."

I hope this would make you want to read it. Unfortunately, near the end, I wanted to change so many things, so I think there will be an upload.

Here's a link to the manga page where you can read all the comics !

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